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We are doctors, practice managers, and machine learning experts who want to improve quality of life for clinical and administrative professionals in primary care

Steven is the CEO behind Codepilot. He has a PhD in computational biology, and is a serial entrepreneur with many years experience in health-tech, including as CTO/COO of Sensyne Health.
Oli is Medical Director for Codepilot and oversees the clinical aspects of product development. He draws upon his experience as a GP Partner and his track record in the commercial sector. Oli is an accredited RFU doctor and a GP Trainer in the Oxford Deanery.
Kath is a medical doctor and clinical technology specialist who oversees product direction for Codepilot. She has previously worked as Clinical Artificial Intelligence Lead at Birdie and Babylon Health.
Ketan is a practicing GP who drives growth at Codepilot. He studied at the University of Cambridge and has worked in multiple GP practices. His interests include the applications of technology to improve patient care, hiking and all things football.
Matt is in charge of operations and compliance for Codepilot. He has significant experience in the delivery of clinically regulated software, having previously served as Chief of Staff at Sensyne Health.
Martin is a Consultant Practice Manager for Codepilot.  He has over 20 years experience in Practice Management alongside a range of consultancy and training work in quality improvement and CQC compliance.

Codepilot product launch at the Best Practice Show (Birmingham, October 2021)

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