Annual round-up from the CEO

December 21, 2021

It's been an enormous year for the Codepilot team. We started 2021 as a group of seven doing deep product development in the midst of a lockdown, and we end the year as a team of 14 working mainly from our Paddington office with our product in the hands of a growing number of GP practices across the UK.

Some highlights include:

Launching Codepilot at the Best Practice Show in October

We had many great conversations with Practice Managers and GPs, received invaluable feedback, and signed up over 130 practices for a free scan of their records. Engaging with the community first-hand gave us renewed energy and motivation as we verified we are building something that will really help people on the frontlines of primary care.

Collecting the first evidence of the impact 

We have now scanned and are in the process of onboarding several dozen practices, and have found a potential uplift of on average £1.26 per patient registered with a practice, and growing as we continuously expand the breadth and depth of Codepilot’s searches. For the first practices going hands-on with the product we have measured a reduction in the time spent reviewing patient records from, on average, 7.5 minutes per record down to 3.7 minutes - approximately doubling the productivity of GPs doing clinical coding review. These results are a great validation of the power of our technology, and it has been fantastic to receive strongly positive feedback from our early adopters.

The emergence of an exciting new product roadmap

Almost every conversation we have with a prospective partner generates brilliant ideas for new product features for Codepilot. In particular, improving the efficiency of document management workflows has, again and again, come up high on the wishlist of both Practice Managers and GPs. We have had the privilege of going onsite in several GP practices in the last couple of months to map out the letters and document processing workflows, and to build a joint roadmap for how we can improve this process using Codepilot. We look forward to introducing this and other new functionality to the product early in the new year.

As we find ourselves in winter with COVID surging once again, GP practices are under immense pressure. While some QOF income for 2020/21 has been protected, disease registers must be kept up to date, and payments will still be affected by disease prevalences. We have put together a concise summary of the changes to 2020/21 QOF and IIF payments here. We believe that Codepilot will be critical to help GP Practices stay on top of their clinical data quality, and catch up on administrative tasks in the new year. We are doing everything we can to support our partners and customers during this difficult time. 

The new year will bring new challenges, especially in balancing resources between managing population health and other forward looking programs, and overcoming the backlog of care that has accrued over the last two years. Our goal is to work closely with our partners and customers to be as responsive as possible to their needs, and to be continuously rolling out new features to help them stay on top of whatever 2022 throws at us.

Until the next update, I hope you stay safe and have a happy festive season.

Steven Hamblin

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